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MC Clark Kent is holding his breath since he is back at his roots as a DJ!

When Clark was a young boy he didn’t start as an MC right away. As you may have noticed in his biography he started by playing music and not behind the microphone. It was DJ’ing that got his career started. So 2 years ago he got offers to get back behind the wheels of steel and play ones again, because of his enthusiasm and love for the music he decided to accept the offer.

Ever since he’s getting better at the thing the loves the most, pleasing the crowd and letting them have the night of there lives by playing for them (issn’t that what it’s all about?), people go crazy (hands up, making noise) at his sets. Clark; ”I think, that’s the best compliment a DJ can get, during his DJ set”.

Right now he’s playing at clubs and events, but that doesn’t mean that he’s totally quit performing as an MC. It’s still a thing that he does, but now, next to his second love; playing records.

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