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Clark Kent MC – Biography

Robin Caspers was born in the year 1991, this story goes about him and his passion and most off all his love for “Music”.

His father use to have a bar, where he had al kinds off DJ gear and other stuff. The moment Robin saw all that gear, he became very curious. That was the first time, that he came in touch with Deejaying. His father saw the passion in his sons eyes, so that is when he bought him his first DJ set. The moment that Robin had al his gear together, he practiced all night long. Just to create his own style and his own sound.

After a very long time of practicing and finding out how to mix up music. He became an all round DJ and he went by the name “DJ RC”. RC stood for Robin Caspers (later it became Clarkson). He played everything from, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, to Trance and Techno etc. His motto was: “You name it, I play it”. The funny thing was, besides Deejaying, he also was his own MC and Host. He was and he is a multifunctional person.

In the past he worked in a small youth centre called “De Stip”. The moment he worked there, he noticed there where a lot of parties. Most of the time “House Parties”. He knew the organisation very well, so he asked them if he could MC and Host the parties. Just to hype up the crowd and off course show his skills as a MC. It went well, so they asked Robin to come more often. So he did and he became a more experienced MC and Host.

Now he is working himself to the top and he goes by the name of “Clark Kent”. To be one of the best MC’s in the scene and let the audience know that he is on a mission. A mission to become a well known and respected MC / Host in the dance scene. He worked himself through out the clubs in Amsterdam. After a while someone asked him to come over to a club on Rembrandsquare, and so he did. A couple of months later he became one of the residents there.

At the moment he is one of the residents at clubs like Club Villa Thalia (Rotterdam) and the Van Dyck Bar (Amsterdam). Pleasing the crowd and letting them have a great time that is what Clark is all about. He is still growing and still making his way through the top. These are one of the venues Clark performed at:

• The Escape (Amsterdam – The Netherlands) “Frame Busters“
• Panama (Amsterdam – The Netherlands) “Madhouse, Brutal”
• Supperclub *Partyonmonday* (Amsterdam)
• Starbeach (Chersonissos – Greece) “TMF Totally Summer Party – Resident MC”
• Amnesia (Chersonissos – Greece)
• The Odeon (Amsterdam – The Netherlands)
• Colossos (LLoret De Mar – Spain) “Resident MC“
• Off Corso (Rotterdam – The Netherlands)

• Club Villa Thalia (Rotterdam – The Netherlands)